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Beta UI

  • Added bulk delete functionality on Retail > Product List
  • Added 'Load from Affiliate Address' option when creating a new Location


  • Fixed Product List, which was failing to load the actual list on the page
  • Reporting:
    • The 'Revenue Membership' Report will now include plans based on inactive membership templates
    • Date range filters on the 'New Members' report will now work properly
    • Fixed timeouts occurring on the 'Athletes by Membership Type' Report
    • Date range filters that were applied on the 'Monthly Revenue' report will now be reflected when exported
  • Dashboards have been modified to work properly regardless of gym size
  • When typing an SMS message, the 'Remaining Character' count will update as you type
  • Selecting no program on WOD List will no longer cause an error
  • The Metcon measure on the WOD Builder will no longer default to 'time'
  • On steps 2 and 3 of Mass Updating Membership Programs, the name of the Membership and Athlete will now be shown on mobile
  • Converting a Lead to an Athlete will now carry over their name, gender, phone number, and address
  • When an Athlete is missing an active payment method, an alert will be shown on their profile
  • When navigating to an Invoice from an Athlete profile, and then performing an action, you will no longer be redirected to the Invoices list instead of back to the profile
  • Fixed behavior of quantity, price, and discount fields when creating or editing Invoices on mobile
  • Enabling payment methods on your Gateway Configuration will no longer close that box automatically
  • Revenue Categories can now be created on mobile
  • Improved styling on mobile


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