What's New: February 23rd, 2024


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Kiosk+ Redesign: Enhanced branding with new logo placement, improved UX with minimizable panels, and maximized screen space to offer greater display flexibility.


  • Embedded Attendance Card Report: We recently introduced a new Attendance Card Report to help you monitor student class attendance and check eligibility for promotions. Now, instead of searching for it in the reporting section, you can conveniently access it from the Progressions tab and Client Profile.


  • Pass on Processing Fees Taxes: This feature allows you to choose if and how taxes are applied to processing fees. It ensures compliance with tax regulations while offering flexibility to handle different tax scenarios, providing you precise control over tax settings.
  • Adding Clients on the Class Calendar: Previously, you were only able to add a client when reservation limits were turned on. Now, you're able to always Add a Client, streamlining scheduling and client management processes without being restricted by reservation limits.


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