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What does this Wordpress error mean?


The below are common errors and steps to resolve these errors when working with Wordpress Integration within Wodify.

ERROR: Method Not Allowed or Service Temporarily Not Available

This is an error message we are receiving directly from your web host server (i.e. GoDaddy). It means your web server is denying Wodify permission to send your WODs to your Wordpress via your xmlrpc.php

Recommended Troubleshooting:

  1. Disable 'Jetpack' in your Wordpress plugins. Sometimes Jetpack will interfere with our attempts to post to your Wordpress directly.
  2. Contact your web host server's support team to determine if they are denying outside access to your xmlrpc.php file.

For example, if you have a shared hosting account (this is usually lower in price), they may not allow you to have outside access to files on your server.

ERROR: Not Found

In most cases, this error means the URL entered in Wodify in WOD > Settings > Web Integration is not the correct URL for the xmlrpc.php file

Here's a quick tip on how to find xmlrpc.php URL:

  1. Determine the URL used to login to Wordpress settings (example:
  2. Replace “wp-admin” with “xmlrpc.php”
  3. When you access this URL, this is what you should see:

When you access your xmlrpc.php URL and it shows ‘Not Found’, then it may mean the xmlrpc.php file is missing on your server or blocked to public access

ERROR: Invalid Login

Incorrect username or password is entered into Wodify's WOD settings.

To edit the username or password, go to WOD > Settings > Web Integration > WordPress:

ERROR: Banned

This is an error specific to GoDaddy users. The error means that you are attempting to use a plugin with your WordPress account that had been blacklisted by GoDaddy

Click here for a help article from GoDaddy that further details this error message

ERROR: Unable to connect to the remote server- the connection was closed unexpectedly

This means that Wodify did not get the expected response from WordPress. Either there was an interruption in the network connection, or something failed. If you only see this problem once or twice and never again, it is probably an intermittent networking issue. Otherwise, you will need to verify that the XML-RPC works as expected:

  1. Open Chrome 
  2. Using a redirect to go from one URL to another. Use the final destination URL in the Wodify configuration.

ERROR: Request Timeout

A request timeout is another indicator of networking issues. If this has only happened once or twice, there is nothing to worry about. If it is a persistent issue then it means that something is blocking the Wodify server from accessing your WordPress site.

Verify that you can bring up your XML-RPC URL in a Web browser. If you can, please work with Wodify support who will find out if the Wodify servers are able to access your WordPress site correctly.


ERROR: Server returned a fault exception: [-32700] parse error. not well formed

This error indicates that you've used special characters in your WOD which would block the Wodify server from accessing your WordPress site (- % # @). 

Remove these characters and select "Publish Now" to manually post your WOD.


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