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New UI

  • NEW - Financial Reports (Beta)
    • These are not simply the same old reports with a new look
    • We've made brand new reports that are faster, easier to understand, and more meaningful
  • Removed "Warm-Up" title from WOD previews and on the Coachboard for components that are warm-ups but not benchmarks to avoid confusion
  • You will no longer be able to save two WODs for the same program on a single date
  • Fixed an issue when editing the date of an existing WOD
  • Validated the name of a benchmark in the WOD Builder so that those without a name cannot be saved
  • Prevented programs not set to publish externally from doing so
  • Coaches can now SMS a Lead or Athlete
  • Phone number has been added to collapsable info on Lead and Athlete lists 
  • The Athletes List can now be sorted by status without causing an error
  • The Lead Status dropdown on Lead profiles will now show custom created values 
  • Date of birth and gender can now be edited on Lead profiles, and date of birth will now be carried over from Lead form to profile
  • Added mass update option to Program Edit page
  • Fixed redirect to blank page when creating a new recurring class without a 3rd tab
  • Filtering Inventory by tag will now work properly
  • Selected locations on the Gym > Account Info page for a payment method will now save
  • Processed Payroll will now be sorted properly
  • Added many icons linking to relevant help articles to smooth your transition to the new UI
  • You can now "pull to refresh" on mobile on any list with Filter Tabs
  • Fixed various display issues on mobile and Internet Explorer 11


  • The Point of Sale functionality has been removed from the Athlete app, as it now has its own standalone app
  • SMS functionality has been removed from the Athlete app, as it is now accessible through the Admin app - now the Athlete app is just for Athletes
  • The Lead Form email will now send when two or more email addresses are specified as recipients 


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