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  • The 'Preview Workout' shown on the WOD Builder will now correctly reflect reordered components
  • Added validation to prevent entering a negative number of reps or sets for weightlifting components in the WOD Builder
  • Disabling an API Key for the WOD Publishing rules will now save
  • You can now search the Signed Waivers list for drop-ins by a user's name
  • Added option to import Leads
  • Added 'Created On' and 'Last Contact Date' fields to Lead profiles
  • Added 'Sessions Used' column for session memberships in Athlete profiles
  • Fixed merchant provider name in the Locations section of the Gateway Configuration page
  • When editing a free trial or drop-in session, you'll now be redirected to the Sessions page rather than the Plans page
  • Fixed description of Membership Settings page
  • Changed the title 'Email From Address' to 'Email From Label' when editing an email signature to make its usage more obvious
  • Moved validation checking for non-alphanumeric characters in the "Email From Label" to the correct page
  • Added validation for the email input on the Location Edit page so that only one email may be entered and a comma or semicolon separated list will not save
  • Added User Id column to every report export
  • Fixed manual card entry for paying invoices on a mobile browser


  • Fixed the 'Activated On' column of the New Members report to sort properly


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