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How do I view my Coaching Schedule?


Using Wodify's search filters you have the ability to create and save custom search filters in order to:

  • View your own personal schedule as a Coach
  • Index each of your Coach's own schedules


In order to create a custom search filter to view a Coach's schedule you will take the following steps.

  1. From the left hand side click on the 'Classes' > 'List'
  2. On the 'Classes' page now select 'Filter Classes' to arrange the following search filters:
  • "Date Range" is "Today and Future"
  • "Coach" is and add the name of your coach
  • Click on the 'X' any extra date filters (i.e. "Date Range is Today") to remove them
  • Change the 'Any' value to 'All'


Once these filters have been arranged you have the ability to click on 'Save this search' in order to save thee search parameters.  You can simply name this custom search the name of your Coach to keep track of their particular schedule.  

You also have the ability to do this for each Coach in your gym so you can.  This way you can keep track of your Coaches' individual schedules all via these created searches.


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