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Wodify 3.0

  • New beta reports!
    • Expiring Credit Cards
    • Failed Payments
    • Overdue Accounts Receivable
    • Revenue By Product
    • Revenue By Staff
    • Transaction History (upgraded)
  • Email Enhancements
    • Spell check
    • Built-in dropdown for placeholders
  • Mobile
    • Athlete & Lead phone numbers and payment contact phone numbers will now show the telephone number keyboard when editing
    • Athlete water bottle size and weight will show the number keyboard when editing
    • 'Turn On Payroll' modal is no longer cut off
    • When viewing a membership template's plan after having viewed another, the modal will now be automatically scrolled back up to the top
    • Issues with page 2 of the Customize Membership Wizard have been fixed
    • Removed the duplicate cancel buttons from the New Invoice page's action sheet, moving the 'Save' and a single 'Cancel' button to the main page
    • Added text to clarify process for lead conversion
  • General Enhancements
    • The 'Auto-Billing Payment Methods by Athlete' report can now be searched by payment type in addition to Athlete name
    • The 'Athlete Age/Sex Distribution' shown on the dashboard has been optimized and will no longer include inactive Athletes
    • Fixed the alignment of the Activity History section on Athlete and Lead profiles, and made the section on Lead profiles match that on on Athlete profiles
    • The 'Referred By' field on Lead profiles has been updated to match that in Athlete profiles
    • Required fields will be marked as such on new Lead profiles and the Contract Signing wizard
    • Signed Drop-in Waivers will now include the option to convert the Drop-in to a Lead, and will be able to be sorted by Drop-in name
    • Optimized the back-end process of viewing a signed waiver
    • Payments associated with more than one location will now list those locations on the Gym > Account Info page
    • Under Financial > Settings > Invoice Configuration > Currency Configuration the 'Group Separator' for Australian and NZ tenants will now be set to a blank space by default
    • When creating new invoices in tenants with only one location, the location will no longer need to be selected
    • Removed redundant button on the Invoice Status modal 
    • Darkened the text that names or describes an input field so that it can be more easily read
  • Bug Fixes
    • When changing the date of a new WOD, the list of possible publishing times will not duplicate itself
    • Clicking on an Athlete's name from the beta 'All Invoices' report will no longer produce an error
    • Kansas addresses saving with a state of Arkansas has been fixed
    • Fixed a typo on the Membership Template Edit page


  • Datepickers have been made functional again
  • The 'Rounds and Reps' leaderboards will no longer display users multiple times 
  • Picklist values with blank names can no longer be saved 


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