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How do I create session based memberships?


Creating Session Templates

Sessions are agreements between the gym and the Athlete for a certain number of workouts over a certain period of time.  Session plans will only automatically renew if the last session is used before the expiration date is reached. 

To create Session templates

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Classes' > 'Pricing'
  2. Click into the 'Sessions' section then click 'New Session' 
  3. Enter your Session Details:
    • Session Name: Text field to enter the name of your plan. Choose a name that you can quickly identify like 10 Class Punch Card.
    • Number of Sessions: Total number of visits allowed for this membership
    • Expiration: Optionally choose when the Session expires.
    • Revenue Category: Picklist field. Revenue Category values are customized by the box.
    • Brief Description: Text entered here will will display on your online sales portal.
  4. Create your Payment Plans. Click 'New Payment Plan' to create a Payment Plan:
    • Name of payment plan: Text field to enter the name of your payment plan like Paid In Full, One Time Fee.
    • Location(s): Each active location at your box is displayed. Choose which locations the Payment Plan is available. Choose the tax rate applied at your chosen locations.
      • If you do not currently apply tax it is best practice to keep the tax rate for 'Services' (0%) selected so that if you do update your tax rate in the future the membership plan template will update automatically as well.
    • Auto Renew: Click this switch if this payment plan has an automatic renewal option. When checked, Wodify's payment system will create a new session membership for this athlete after the last session is punched. The session membership is created the following day at midnight.
  5. Click 'Next' to enter Pricing Options. Choose the prices of your Initial Commitment and if it includes a Setup Fee.
  6. Click 'Save' to return to the Session Template. Add as many payment plans as needed for your membership. 
  7. Choose which Programs the memberships are applied
  8. Click Save

The Session Template is now complete. This membership can now be added to any active Athlete in Wodify. It is important to remember that this is a TEMPLATE; when you add the membership to an Athlete, you can edit most of the options in your plan to fit your agreement with the Athlete.




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