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Financial Improvements

  • Completely revamped the payment processor configuration driving the available allowed payment method options to improve ease-of-use 
  • Optimized back-end for performance
  • Optimal tenants can now allow ACH payment method on their Online Sales Portal

Usability Enhancements

  • Made the WOD List searchable by keywords in component descriptions so you can find past metcons that have included a specific movement
  • Implemented "sticky searches" to keep your place in a filtered list after clicking into and back out of a record
  • When adding or setting inventory, the page will no longer refresh and collapse your product after saving
  • Reversed the unpaid invoice list order on Athlete profiles to display from oldest to newest
  • Changed the default sort order of pay periods on the Processed Payroll page to show newest first
  • Added a blank template to the Import Athletes and Import Leads pages 
  • Enhanced the tabs behavior of the Nutrition Journal to allow for switching view by the day of the week

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile
    • Page 2 of the Membership Plan Wizard will now display properly
    • Modals in Payroll that will no longer be cut off
  • Reporting
    • Fixed the dates shown in the export of the Membership Renewal Report for Australian tenants
    • Restored missing columns from export of Athletes by Payment Plan and Athlete Last Attendance reports 
    • Resovled issue with empty New Athletes report and appearance in dashboard
  • General
    • Fixed Coachboard issue with metcons showing more rounds than they should
    • WOD components can now be merged without database errors being thrown
    • The 'Created On' filter will no longer show records from other dates
    • Filtering by tags has been fixed
    • Fixed issue with "mystery invoices" appearing on an Athlete's profile
    • Outdated signed contracts can once again be viewed
    • Several links in emails have been updated to point at the correct pages in Wodify 3.0
    • Deleted product variants will no longer appear as line item invoice options 
    • Resolved a discrepancy between the creation dates of an email and its attachment
    • Payroll pay rates will no longer cut off digits after the decimal
    • Resolved an issue causing an input to appear blank with editing a weightlifting component
    • The 'Options' section for product variants will no longer be cut off on certain screen sizes


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