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Wodify 3.0

  • You Asked, We Delivered
    • Implemented custom date range filter
    • Added 'Send/Sign' Waiver button in menu for easy access as was available in Wodify Classic
    • The Athlete list is now searchable by phone number
    • After generating next membership from an Athlete's profile, you will be redirected back to that profile
    • Added 'Created On Date' to Lead list and added it as well as 'Last Contact Date' to export of this list
  • Beta Reports
    • New
      • Paying Members By Month
      • Revenue by Payment Method
      • Tax Summary
      • Unused Store Credit
    • The 'Revenue by Revenue Category' Beta Report will now include all details in its export, including the associated invoice number
  • WODs
    • Prefixes for Warm-ups missing from the preview/WOD view have been restored 
    • Creator info (who and when) has been restored to WOD details
    • The Rx+ toggle button will not be shown when you add a benchmark metcon that was previously created without it
    • Hitting backspace while typing a component's name in the WOD Builder will no longer make you jump outside of the input or navigate back to the previous page
    • Non-benchmark metcons can now be edited after an Athlete has logged a result
  • Mobile
    • Made UI tweaks to improve experience
    • Number and phone number keyboards will now be shown everywhere as appropriate
    • Tab bar for merchant configuration pages will now be displayed
  • General Enhancements
    • Membership auto-renew status is now shown on Athlete profiles
    • Managers now have the ability to add a new invoice from an Athlete's profile
    • Made 'Sign Now' the default for contracts when adding a membership
    • When clicking into a class from Class calendar view, you'll be brought to the proper page to edit that specific class
    • Added placeholders dropdown to Invoice copy email
    • Made input description/help desk darker so that it can read more easily
    • Italicized placeholder tip text for inputs
  • Bug Fixes
    • The Attendance section on an Athlete profile will no longer throw an error when sorting or trying to load more records
    • Bulk-adding tags to the Athlete list while using a 'Status' filter will no longer cause an error
    • Removed hold warning in Athlete profiles for expired holds
    • Default gender for a new Athlete will now be blank rather than defaulting to female
    • Mass emails sent to inactive Athletes or Leads will now appear in Activity History
    • Date of Birth fields will now use the correct date format as configured
    • Restored Membership menu items for Managers
    • Resolved issues with Nutrition Journal data being out of sequence and reviews not being properly processed
    • When clicking 'Add another line item' in an invoice, the modal will properly add another rather than closing
    • The 'Refused Login' report will now export all records
    • Images attached to emails will now appear in preview and actual email when sent
    • When creating a product variant, the variant name will now save properly 
    • The toggle button to enable automated Emails will now turn green when enabling, and will no longer show the 'Inactive' badge
    • When bulk-sending contracts from the Missing Contracts page, contracts will now be sent to all selected rather than only first page
    • The 'count towards attendance limits' toggle button when creating or editing recurring classes will no longer break after changing program through the dropdown
    • When manually adding classes to a coach's payroll on the 'Process Payroll' page, the position field is no longer truncated before the position is selected
    • Time zone issues fixed for displaying relative time (i.e., 'in 6 hours')

Athlete Experience

  • Resolved date picker issues on 'My Performance' page


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