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How to process Payroll


When it comes to Wodify payroll, the act of ‘Processing Payroll’ means to essentially close out and finalize a given pay period.  This renders the pay period as ‘Processed’ and cannot be edited unless it is opened back up.

In order to process a payroll period:

  1. Head to Wodify Admin
  2. Click on ‘Payroll’ and then ‘Process Payroll’
  3. Under ‘Open Payroll’ choose the correct pay period
  4. Select  ‘Process Payroll’
  5. The pay period will now be closed and moved over to your ‘Processed Payroll’ section


You also have the ability to edit a closed and processed payroll period.  To do so you will:

  1. Head to Wodify Admin
  2. Click on Payroll and then ‘Process Payroll’
  3. Select the tab for ‘Processed Payroll’
  4. Locate the desired pay period
  5. Click on ‘Re-Open’
  6. The pay period will now appear under ‘Open Payroll’




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