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Online Sales Portal

  • Want to hide sales tax before checkout? Under Gym > Sales Portal, you can now toggle this option on or off
  • Leads purchasing Free Trials will be asked to subscribe to SMS on the Purchase Review screen
  • When a Free Trial or Drop In is purchased, the reservation summary will now display the email for the location at which the session was reserved, rather than the generic box email
  • The email sent to Admins when a Free Trial is booked will now use your date format setting
  • Mandatory fields during checkout have been properly marked


  • Products returned from Point of Sale will now be reflected in your inventory if tracked
  • Purchases that are refunded, but not returned, from Point of Sale will no longer be shown as "refunded" on their invoices
  • When in Self-Service mode as a member in Point of Sale, a PIN or password will now be required for check payments
  • Mandatory fields type, vendor, and revenue category have been marked as such on the Product Edit screen
  • Resolved discrepancy between the options available for tab filters on the Product List, and assignable options on the Product Edit, for types and revenue categories
  • Product options can now be created on Android, whether in the app or mobile browser
  • Shopify integration settings (besides the store name) can now be modified without disabling and re-enabling the integration
  • Cancelled Shopify accounts can now be de-integrated from Wodify


  • The Session Renewed Notice email sent to Athletes will now accurately pull data about the amount and date of the charge that will occur
  • Attachments uploaded to the New Athlete Follow Up email will be properly sent with it
  • The Notification of Failed Payment email to Athletes will now link to a valid page on which their payment information can be updated
  • The 'Membership - Expiring Plans' email will no longer be sent to Athletes that have a new membership plan beginning on the same date current plan expires
  • Automated email bootstrapped templates will now use the [locationemail] dynamic field rather than [boxemail]
  • A disclaimer has been added to the bootstrapped template of the Welcome Email noting that a user's password was auto-generated

Important: Changes to bootstrapped templates will not be reflected in your environment unless you reset the template manually.



  • The old financial reports have been deprecated in favor of the new financial reports, which are officially out of beta!
  • Added the Date of Birth column to the export of the Athletes with Upcoming Birthdays report
  • Added the membership name and payment plan name to the export of the Total Attendance History report

General Enhancements

  • Increased the results per page from 10 to 25 on some of our most-visited list screens
  • All datepickers have been updated to a new and improved version
  • When an Athlete has more than one session plan with an expiration date, sessions will be deducted from the plan that is will expire first
    • The behavior of non-expiring session plans has not been altered - however, this is on our roadmap for the near future
  • Each time a Free Trial Lead signs into a class, they will be distinguished from Drop Ins on the Coachboard by 'F' displayed rather than a 'D'
  • Every time a membership contract is revised, you will be given the option to require Athletes to resign it, and if that option is chosen it will be emailed to each of those Athletes
  • An alert for past due invoices has been added to Athlete profiles
  • When deactivating a membership with reservations, and transferring those reservations to a new membership, you can now edit that new membership's start date as long as it is prior to the earliest reservation
  • The 'Athlete Status' column on the signed waiver list has been changed to reflect the Athlete's current status, and their status while signing has been moved to inside the waiver itself, to avoid confusion
  • When an Athlete changes their nutrition coach, open reviews will be transferred to the new coach
  • Waivers will be validated to ensure that all provided initials match before it may be signed
  • IBAN numbers on the mandate form will be obscured

Bug Fixes

  • No-shows will no longer be considered open reservations, causing waitlisted Athletes to receive emails about the available spot in the class that is not actually available
  • Session-based ("sticky") filtering has been fixed for custom date ranges
  • Custom picklist values will now be accurately listed in tab filter options
  • When the start date of a membership is updated, the expiration date in the associated membership contact will now update to reflect accordingly
  • When editing a class's date, but not time, an error will not occur
  • The actions for session memberships navigated to through an Athlete's profile will now be available
  • Links to outdated contracts on an Athlete's profile will now point to the correct location
  • Athletes can now view signed membership contracts through their profile
  • Hand-selecting records in IE 11 will now trigger the bulk select options to appear
  • Fixed a short-lived issue with Leads not being able to subscribe to SMS or unsubscribe from mass emails
  • The mobile Athlete app will now display when class reservations close (when reservations have already opened), rather than when they close
  • Resolved an issue with US tenants not being able to add new memberships if they did not bill Athletes through Wodify
  • Removed the "-" option for a gym's date format setting because a default date format is required
  • Profile image uploads will crop as expected from the Admin side on desktop
  • Fixed a display issue in the iOS Admin app where the header would scroll with the page when the keyboard is opened
  • When creating or editing a Lead, the validation message for the 'State' (geographical) required field will reference the correct field
  • The following areas have been updated to respect the date format setting you've selected under Gym > Standards and Formats
    • All columns in financial reports
    • Date of birth shown on Lead profiles
    • Class date column on the Attendance section of Athlete profiles 



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