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NEW! Secure Programming by Membership

  • We are excited to announce our new Secure Programming feature, which allows admins, managers, and coaches to hide WOD programming from members who do not have access to the program(s) with their current active membership. Click here to learn how to set it up in your environment!


  • Updated the Daily Cash Report date filter so it allows you to select a custom date
  • Optimized the Total Attendance History report to load larger date ranges more rapidly
  • Fixed an issue of Performance Results Reports that prevented you from filtering on a custom date range
  • The Daily Cash report will no longer display check payments under the "Cash Sales" section
  • The Transaction History report will display transactions based on the time zone of the Wodify environment, NOT the admin account viewing the report

General Enhancements

  • Athletes with multiple session memberships will now have their sessions deducted from their oldest membership first.
  • Our 'display tax before checkout' option for Online Sales Portal settings will now apply to Drop Ins
  • Drop In reservations that opted to 'pay later at the gym' can now be canceled by an admin, manager, or coach and their unpaid invoice will be voided
  • The sign contract form now validates for matching initials when the form is being completed by an athlete
  • Using the back button in the iOS Admin App should return you to the top of the page when used instead of a random spot on the previous page
  • Improved the Announcements page to allow editing, review, and re-activation of expired Announcements

Bug Fixes

  • WODs
    • Resolved an issue in the mobile WOD Builder that was causing metcon details to be cut off when adding several metcons to the same WOD
    • In Classic Wodify, it was possible to save a benchmark metcon without a name. We've updated all those metcons to a name of 'Unnamed', which will now allow you to edit/delete them as needed!
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the "Day of Week" filter from working on the WOD List page
  • Retail
    • New product variants can now be created for more than one location
    • Product variants will no longer appear duplicated when adding a line item to an invoice
    • Inventory search results will now properly update when viewing multiple pages of results
    • If you enabled Shopify integration, but had not filled out the credentials, you are now able to disable the integration.
  • Mobile
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the "My Past WODs" page on Mobile from displaying performance history.
    • Fixed an issue with our date selections on the mobile phone that loaded the keyboard and obstructed the date picker.
  • General
    • For US tenants, updated our SMS settings page with detailed information on maintaining CTIA compliance
    • The "Print and Sign Offline" option for waivers will now allow you to download a PDF version of your waiver
    • Resolved an issue that prevented new athletes from automatically syncing with some MailChimp lists
    • Automated emails will now send as expected for international tenants that did not observe Daylight Savings Time within their time zone
    • Restored a requirement that an admin must remove a No Show record from an athlete's attendance record before being able to sign them into the same class
    • Fixed the exports from the "My Performance" or "Add Performance" tabs, which had been missing the 'movement/exercise' column
    • Restored the permissions for athlete accounts with a 'manager' role to give athlete accounts 'manager' or 'coach' permissions
    • Restored the ability to save your tax rate(s) to 0%
    • Environments with more than 50 programs will now see all programs when editing employee rates in Payroll
    • Removed inactive athletes from reservation list dropdown on the Kiosk Calendar page
    • Updated the displayed date/time values for Leads' Created On and Last Contact dates to show the proper time based on the environment's time zone instead of the server time zone
    • The Stop Auto Renew date on memberships will use the date format configured in the environment's settings
    • The dates on the Online Sales Portal will now match the date format configured in the environment' settings


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