What is the Paying Members by Month report?


The Paying Members by Month report will display a list of all of your active members who are paying for a membership during the given month.  If your Wodify environment has more than one location, the total Paying Members will be broken down by location. This report can be helpful in determining how many members you are collecting payment from on a month to month basis.

Within the Paying Members by Month report you will see a very specific set of data and you will notice that certain kinds of paying members are not included.  Any memberships that are a ‘Plan’ style of membership will appear in the report as long as they meet the following criteria:


  • The associated invoice for the membership must be dated as ‘Due’ during the given month
  • Invoice payment for the for the membership must be ‘Paid’
  • The payment(s) for the membership during that month must be more than $0.00
  • ‘Plan’ memberships that are ‘Paid in Full’ in a prior month


The following will not appear in this report:


  • Those who are currently on a ‘Session’ based membership
  • Clients with membership invoices that are ‘Unpaid’
  • Payments made for multiple memberships - a client will only appear once even if they have multiple memberships
  • If a client has not made a membership payment for this month due to his or her membership being on ‘Hold’


Additional Exporting Details


Exporting this report to a spreadsheet will reveal a few additional column headers of information.  The exported version of this report will contain the Month and Year, Client Name, the Client's membership start date, membership end date, and when the membership’s invoice was due.  

Important: Mid-month, this report might not be helpful to get a true count that you can expect at month's end. For future membership renewal it is recommended to refer to the Membership Renewal report (filter to view remaining renewals this month) and Reporting -> Financial -> Overdue Accounts Receivable for unpaid or past-due invoices.


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