How do I hide a program from athletes that shouldn't have access?


The Secure Programming feature allows admins, managers, and coaches to hide WOD programming from members who do not have access to the program(s) with their current active membership. For example, if an athlete has a CrossFit membership, they will not have access to Private Programming with the Secure Programming feature.

To hide WODs, you will need to:

  • Enable Membership Enforcement
    • 'Classes' > 'Settings' > 'Membership' > 'Membership Enforcement' > Enable

  • Create a new Program or edit an existing program from within 'Classes' > 'Programs'
    • Here, you will enable 'Secure Programming'

    • This means athletes with the CrossFit membership will not be able to see any workouts that are programmed for Secure Programming

Please note: you will want to disable 'Publish Externally' if you do not wish this workout to be viewable externally:

When creating a new WOD for this private program, this 'Hide WOD from Members Without Program' will automatically be enabled:

Additional Information:

If an athlete's membership stops tomorrow, they will not be able to able to access the private programming at the completion of the membership.