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How can I reconcile my bank statements with Wodify's invoices?


The Transaction History report is a report that can be used to reconcile merchant service statements. Provides a list of all transactions that have occurred, the athlete charged, the payment method used, and whether the payment has settled or not. This report can be filtered by athlete or transaction date.


This report will be be the most ideal report to use when it comes to reconciling collected revenue in Wodify versus one’s merchant provider and bank statements.  This is because the ‘Transaction History’ report will give you entries for an invoice’s ‘Transaction Date’ of when payment was actually collected rather than the ‘Invoice Due Date’.  Reference numbers for the processed transactions provided by one’s merchant provider will also appear in this report.  


Important for GoEMerchant Merchants:  ACH deposits between the hours of 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM are batched together.  Retail and MOTO transactions are all batched together by 1:00 AM EST.  Any additional revenue collected after 4:00 PM will be reconciled into the next batch deposit.  Please note that this window of batch depositing can be altered, if you desire, by contacting GoEMerchant directly. For more information on managing your goEmerchant account and Wodify, check out our Wodify - goEmerchant Q&A video series.

The ‘Transaction History’ report will pull all completed transactions in a Wodify environment during a given ‘Transaction Date’ period (such as ‘This Month’ or ‘This Year’).  Invoices listed in this report will be compiled based on their “Transaction Date”.


Note: Unsure how to view the transaction date(s) associated with an invoice? When viewing an invoice in Wodify, click on the magnifying glass next to the Invoice Status: heading in the invoice to view all recent transactions:


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