What is the Revenue by Membership report?


The Revenue by Membership report lists all of your membership plans, their corresponding number of memberships, and net revenue. A chart of net revenue is also generated based on membership, location, and date range filters.


This report will allow you to see the specific revenue generated by each membership during a specific time period.  The Revenue by Membership report’s data can be leveraged in order to see what particular memberships and their specific payment plans are selling well as opposed to other ones.  Filtering this report by the ‘Payment Due’ filter will also allow for the viewing revenue generated during specific time periods.


The Revenue by Membership report will reflect net revenue for any invoices that are paid for and due during the given ‘Payment Due’ date range of the report.  For example filtering the report by the ‘Payment Due’ range being ‘This Month’, you will be given net revenue sums for each membership invoice that has the status of ‘Paid’ and its ‘Due Date’ is dated during the give month.  


Important:  This report will populate based on the membership’s invoice due date and not when the invoice’s transaction took place and was paid.  


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