What is the Revenue by Product report?


The Revenue by Product report a list of all product sales over a chosen amount of time based on invoice due date (NOT date of transaction). Lists the location, type, the vendor, units sold, and net revenue of each product. Also sums your net revenue for all products sold and generates a chart of gross revenue by product.


Those who are looking to see how much revenue their retail products are generating should refer to this report.  Each product will display the number of units sold and the total net revenue collected as a result during a given time frame.  The report’s ‘Date Range’ can be filtered down further to show revenue collected during a more specific time period if needed.  


The Revenue by Product report will calculate a sum of all revenue collected from paid invoices during a given time period (for example; This Month).  This report will not include sums from invoices that are Unpaid, Voided, Refunded, or Partially Refunded.  


Important: This report will include historical data of revenue collected and the number of units the item sold from products that may have been deleted from Wodify in the past.  While the product may no longer be accessible in your Wodify environment, its historical revenue data will be maintained.  


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