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How can I see who has past-due invoices?


The Overdue Accounts Receivable report provides a complete list of all open invoices filtered by athlete and location. Also provides a sum total of the dollar value and due date of open invoices.


This report is also where you can easily look for all unpaid, past due invoices in your Wodify environment.  The list of invoices generated into this report also contains the name of the athlete this invoice is tied to, their email address, phone number, invoice number, and overdue amount.  You can also filter this report by ‘Payment Due’ date and ‘Aging’ in order to see the oldest and most overdue invoices.  


Any invoice that is ‘Unpaid’ and past its ‘Payment Due’ date will appear in this report.  Results can also be sorted by the invoice number, unpaid amount, payment due date, and age of the invoice for ease of reference.  By default, this report will show invoices from all athlete accounts, but checking off ‘Active Athletes’ Only?’ will reveal invoices for all Active and Inactive accounts.


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