How can I track athlete attendance?


The Total Attendance History lists the name, location, and program of all classes attended by athletes over a selected amount of time. You can filter by location, program, date range, and individual athletes.


The Total Attendance History report is a complete list of each instance that an athlete signs into a class in your gym.  Those who are looking for complete records of athlete attendances during a given amount of time, as well as what program and locations they attend, should refer to this report.  


Any instance of an athlete signing into a class in your environment will be added to this report.  Note: This report can also include inactive athlete attendance records as well.  Just be sure to ‘uncheck’ the box next to “Active Athletes Only?” to include attendance for inactive athlete accounts.  

Additional exporting details


In addition to the athlete’s name, class name, location, program, class times, and coaches exporting this report to a spreadsheet will include details about the athlete’s username, email address, phone numbers, their current membership, and payment plan details.