How can I review Client No shows?


‘No Shows’ in Wodify refer to a Client who has made a reservation for a class, but did not sign in. Admins who are looking to keep track of No Shows in their environment can do this in a few places.  

First, head to Wodify Admin > Reporting > Attendance and review the Client No Shows report. This report will give a complete list of all clients who made reservations for a class but did not attend.  The information included will consist of:

  • Client Name
  • Class Name
  • Location
  • Program
  • Class Date
  • Class Sign In Count - the number of clients who signed into the class
  • Class Limit


You can also review No Shows from the Coachboard tab in your kiosk. All reservation statuses, including No Shows, can be located underneath the ‘Reservations’ widget on the left hand side of the screen.  No Shows will be marked with the letter ‘N’.  There will be a few letters under the Reservations widget that indicate the status of other reservations.

  • C - Cancelled reservations
  • F - Reservation for a Free Trial
  • R - Active Reservation; also indicates the client has not been signed into class
  • D - Drop-In reservation
  • N - No Show


Please Note: 'No Shows’ will also appear in the corresponding Client's profile under their ‘Attendance’ section.  They can be removed at the Admin’s discretion.



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