What is the All Invoices Report?


The ‘All Invoices’ report provides you with the ability to view a list of each individual invoice that has ever been generated within your Wodify environment. At a glance, this report contains specific invoice details: Expected Revenue, Total Discounts applied, Refunds applied, Tax, Net Revenue, and Final Charge. A summary of each column total will be displayed in the first row of the report.


Important: This report is driven by the invoice payment due date, not the date of the transaction. For specific transaction-related information please refer to the ‘Transaction History’ report.  


Any invoice created within the Wodify environment will be included in this report based on the ‘Payment Due’ date range selected.  This includes invoices that are Paid, Unpaid, Voided, Partially Refunded, and Refunded with the ability to be filtered by those specific invoice statuses as well.  The list of ‘All Invoices’ can be further filtered by different locations a business may have (if applicable) and the Payment Due date.  


Important: Exporting this report to a spreadsheet will provide more details from the invoice and its line items. In the event that an invoice has multiple line items, the line items will appear as additional entries in the exported report but will use the same ‘Invoice’ number.  



Additional Exporting Details

Exporting this report will include additional columns of information including:

  • Is Auto Bill - Whether or not this invoice set to automatically be attempted by Wodify
  • Paid On - A timestamp for when an invoice has been paid
  • Notes - Any included general notes about the invoice from its ‘Notes’ field
  • Product Name - The name of the product or service sold in the invoice would appear here
  • Product Type - What kind of product the item sold was (e.g., ‘Apparel’ for a T-Shirt sold or Supplements for a Protein Bar sold).
  • Revenue Category - The revenue category for collected revenue in Wodify (e.g., Membership Sales or Merchandise Sales)


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