What is the Revenue by Staff report?


The Revenue by Staff report shows you how many invoices were closed by each of your staff members at any/all of your locations and the total revenue of these invoices. This report generates a chart of revenue by staff based on staff members, location, and date range filters.


Important: This report takes into account memberships added and retail products sold by an Admin, Manager, or Coach. This will only be accurate if each Admin, Manager, or Coach performs actions while signed in to their own Wodify account. If you use one account for all coaches to share this report will not be accurate.


This report can be leveraged in the event that there are any commission based incentives set in place for your staff members.  Since the Revenue by Staff report a total count of invoices and their total net revenue collected for a given time period, this is a good point of reference to see how staff members are performing in your facility and how much revenue they have been able to generate on their own.  


The Revenue by Staff report will calculate a sum of all revenue collected from paid invoices during a given time period (for example; This Month).  The report will then break down the sums further by the Admin, Manager, or Coach Wodify account that created the sale.  This report will not include sums from invoices that are Unpaid, Voided, Refunded, or Partially Refunded.  



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