What is the Monthly Revenue report?


The Monthly Revenue report generates a chart displaying revenue by month and location. This report also provides a list/sum of monthly gross, refunded, and net revenue by location. It can be filtered by location, date range, and payment due date of the invoice, but not the transaction date. For a summary of your income by the date it was collected please use the Transaction History report.


Important: Store credit is shown on this report when it is redeemed, not when it is initially purchased.


Those who are looking to see a month by month comparison of their net and gross revenue should refer to this report.  This report will also provide the ability to view total issue refunds that could potentially impact the total net revenue.


Revenue collected for any invoices that are ‘Paid’ and have a ‘Payment Due’ will be added to a given month’s revenue total.  For example, invoices that are due in ‘May 2016’ and have a status of ‘Paid’ will be included in the ‘May 2016’ revenue totals.  Store credit will also be added to revenue collected, based on its creation date, once the store credit has been spent.  


Important:  This report will not show revenue based on when the transaction had been completed for the invoice.  The Transaction History report will show specific information as to when a transaction was processed and revenue collected.


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