What is the Revenue by Revenue Category report?


The Revenue by Revenue Category report provides a list of all revenue by its designated revenue category based on the due date of invoices (NOT date of transaction). Details of this report will include category, location, cliet, and net revenue of each line item. You can filter this report by product, location, and date range. Total net revenue and quantity of line items will also be displayed


Important: If you are looking for more information regarding when an invoice was closed out and paid for, please refer to the Transaction History report.  


In addition to viewing a total net revenue, the Revenue by Revenue Category report will provide an admin with a total quantity of items sold for a given revenue category.  This report does  include counts of revenue collected for individual membership fees, items sold through the Wodify point of sale, Drop-Ins, or any custom revenue categories an admin has created.  


The Revenue by Revenue Category report will calculate a sum of all revenue collected from paid invoices during a given time period (for example; This Month) and sort it by their particular revenue category.  This report will not include sums from invoices that are Unpaid, Voided, Refunded, or Partially Refunded.  


Important: This report will include historical data of revenue collected and the number of units sold from products or memberships that may have been deleted from Wodify in the past.  While the product may no longer be accessible in your Wodify environment, its historical revenue data will be maintained.  


Additional Exporting information


Exporting the Revenue by Revenue Category report to a spreadsheet will provide a detailed list of invoices during the chosen time period (for example ‘This Month’).  The column headers will include:


  • Revenue Category
  • Location
  • Invoice Number
  • Payment Due Date
  • Client Name
  • Product Name
  • Payment Account Source Name (Bank Account, Credit Card, Cash, or Check)
  • Net Revenue
  • Sales Tax (if any)
  • Gross Revenue


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