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What is the Exceeded attendance on Limited Contracts report?


The Exceeded Attendance on Limited Contracts report  allows you to see all athletes who have exceeded their weekly/monthly membership attendance. The athlete’s name, their current membership, number allowed sessions, number of sessions actually used, and time period will be included.  In addition, the ‘History’ link will give you a brief overview of the athlete’s class sign-ins during that time period.  


This report can help you identify those athletes who may be interested in an increased membership plan. It can also help quantify any lost revenue due to a lack of membership enforcement policies.  This report can be filtered by the date range the over-sign in ocurred as well as by specific membership.  


Any instance in which an athlete has successfully signed into class over their allowed membership allotment will appear in this report.  This report will only display one entry per athlete per period, but more detailed information as to what classes the athlete has signed into will be present by clicking on the ‘History’ link.  


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