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How can I can I determine my Wodify subscription fees this month?


From within your Wodify’s Administrative Dashboards page (Wodify Admin > Dashboards > Dashboard), we offer the dashboard ‘Average Active Athletes by Month’.  This particular dashboard displays your monthly average of active athlete accounts for the current month as well as the 12 prior months your environment is live with Wodify.  


Note: If your gym has more than one location, you will see additional separate sets of plotted data for athletes in each of your location.   


The ‘Average Active Athletes by Month’ dashboard is great for trending purposes and anticipating your monthly Wodify services fees, but is the averaged amount of active accounts in your environment over the course of a month’s span.  For an immediate and exact count of athlete accounts in your environment we recommend you to head to People > Athletes to view an exact count of active accounts in your environment.  



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