How can I can I determine my Wodify subscription fees this month?


Customers on our tiered pricing (Engage, Grow, and Promote) are charged a flat rate each month for their Wodify service. For information on the cost of each tier, check out our Pricing Page.

Keep in mind that Wodify Perform, the workout-tracking add-on that allows you to build Workouts and your clients to track their performance is billed separately from your Wodify subscription. 

If you need an invoice for your Wodify subscription, reach out to us at and we will be happy to provide one!


For Legacy Customers only:

You can view all of our invoices in Wodify Core by going to Business > Payment & Billing. Click into each invoice to view the details for your subscription for the month. 

Wodify bills in arrears for legacy customers, which means that you are billed at the end of each month for the previous month's usage. As an example, your March 1st Wodify invoice covers your Wodify subscription for the month of February. 

You can view your Average Number of Active Clients and your Active Clients Over Time by going to Insights > Business Health. Keep in mind that your Wodify subscription is calculated by the average number of active clients in your environment each month. 





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