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How can I predict future revenue?


For a snapshot of what you can anticipate for revenue in current and next 3 months, you can review the Accounts Receivable by Month dashboard on the Dashboards tab.


Accounts Receivable is comprised of all invoices that have already been created with a future due date but have not yet been paid. These invoices can be viewed in Financial > Invoices > UnPaid. This would include athletes on longer term commitment plans whose invoices were all created at the time their membership plan was assigned.


Projected AR: Projected AR is comprised of those members on auto-renewing month to month plans whose invoices for this month have not yet been created. For example, if my plan is set to renew on January 1st, my invoice that has not yet been created is considered Project revenue.


Overdue Accounts Receivable will be made up of all invoices that are overdue according to their payment due date.


You can also also view the 'Membership Renewal' report to view upcoming projected revenue in more detail. This report will show the due date of the athlete’s next invoice, whether this invoice has already been created or not. This will show the athlete’s name, the due date of their invoice, and the amount of their invoice. You can sort this report by date as well to just view the remaining invoices due this month.



One final place that future revenue can be tracked would be in the Overdue Accounts Receivable report found in Reporting > Financial.  This report will show you all invoices that are overdue according to their Payment Due date and the total amount owed.  You’ll be able to see the


  • Athlete’s name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Number for the overdue invoice
  • Payment due date
  • How many days the invoice is overdue
  • The location the invoice is due at if your gym has more than one location


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