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How can I review late cancellations?


Wodify allows gyms to customize their class reservation settings to have a ‘Late Cancellation’ window.

This means that if an athlete cancels their reservations after the specified amount of time, (i.e., 3 hours before the start of class) they can be penalized. This penalty can be counting the late cancellation as an attended class (or session) and/or a fee charged to the athlete’s account.  

Since Wodify allows you to set different reservation settings for different classes, what is the best way to confirm that an athlete was correctly designated as a late cancellation?

The first place you can review late cancellations would be the Cancelled Reservations report found by heading to Wodify Admin > Reporting > Attendance. This report will give you a complete list of all instances an athlete has cancelled their reservation for a class. You will be able to see:

  • The Athlete’s name
  • The location of the class
  • The Program of the class
  • The name of the class
  • The class’ start time
  • The specific class’s cancellation policy
  • The actual time the cancellation took place
  • The Invoice ID (if a late cancellation fee resulted in the athlete being charged) 


From inside this report, cancellations can be removed from an athlete’s account via the ‘Delete’ button.

By default this report will show only Late Cancellations. Unchecking the box next to ‘Only Cancellation Policy Violations’, will show all cancellations.

You can also review cancellations from the Coachboard tab in your Kiosk. On the left menu, you will see the Reservations widget where all reservations made will be displayed (Note: this widget will only display if reservations have been enabled for the class). Each reservation entry will have a coded letter to the right that indicates the reservation status:

  • C - Cancelled reservations
  • F - Reservation for a Free Trial
  • R - Active Reservation; also indicates the athlete has not been signed into class
  • D - Drop-In reservation
  • N - No Show


Hovering your mouse cursor over the letter of these status will reveal the Wodify timestamps associated with this reservation’s history.  This also includes the history as to the exact time someone may have cancelled a reservation in the event there are any questions regarding a late cancellation.  


‘Late Cancellations’ will also appear in the corresponding Athlete’s profile under their ‘Attendance’ section.  They can be removed at the Admin’s discretion.



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