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NEW! Redesigned Athlete & Lead Profiles

  •  We've heard your feedback on the Athlete & Lead profiles, and are excited to introduce their redesign. We've moved the important data to the forefront of the page, tucking away the details you don't often need. 

  • In addition, we've streamlined the experience of creating new Athletes & Leads (as well as converting Leads!) by introducing quick-add modals on the Athlete & Lead lists

SMS Compliance

  • CTIA compliance guidelines have changed since we originally implemented our SMS short code feature, so we've needed to make some changes to the auto-responses sent upon subscribing and unsubscribing
  • These changes necessary for compliance have resulted in less available characters in your configurable auto-responses. Please review yours under Communication > Settings > SMS to ensure your message isn't being cut off, and shorten it if necessary. You gym's name will be included in the compliant portions of the messages, so there is no need it include it in your auto-responses.


  • Restored exported columns on the 'All Invoices' report that were included through the old UI
  • 'Athletes By Membership Type' report will now pull back all data according to your filters on its initial load
  • Fixed issue with truncated export of the 'Total Attendance History' report
  • 'Revenue by Payment Method' report will now show the correct revenue amount when multiple line items tied to the same Product Type are paid for in the same invoice
  • Removed items added to carts, but never paid for, from the export of the 'All Invoices' report
  • Searching the 'Total Attendance History' report will no longer throw an error

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an error thrown occasionally when saving edits to existing metcons
  • Fixed a display issue on the WOD Calendar causing components saved as defaults not showing as such
  • Performance graphs for weightlifting totals will include the value for each component
  • The export of Gymnastics Performance will now accurately reflect the filters chosen on the UI
  • Signed Lead waivers will no longer be listed under Drop-In waivers
  • Fixed a few display issues when changing device orientation in the Sign/Send Waiver popup
  • Coaches will no longer be removed from classes when their pay rate is removed
  • Renewal information has been removed from the Customize Membership Wizard for memberships that do not renew
  • The end date for a membership will now be refreshed after changing the initial commitment in the Customize Membership Wizard
  • Cancelling Drop-In reservations not associated with an invoice will no longer prompt you to void the non-existent invoice
  • Fixed the link in the 'Notification of Failed Payment to Athlete' email
  • When manually emailing an invoice, the [transactionamount] dynamic field will now be properly populated
  • Issues with the Mailchimp integration not pulling Athletes over have been resolved
  • The 'store credit available' field in the Invoices section of Athlete profiles will now automatically be updated after adding more store credit
  • Managers can now close out invoices via cash or check when those payment methods are available on an Athlete's profile, regardless of the global configuration
  • Paid invoices listed on an Athlete's profile will now be sorted from most to least recent, by payment due date
  • Resolved issues when saving edits to Programs
  • Links to particular payment plans on the Online Sales Portal will now display the details of that plan when posted to Facebook



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