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How do I create a new Lead?


Note: This feature is only available with Grow & Promote subscription plans. Learn more about our pricing tier options.


Leads are prospective athletes who have expressed interest in joining your gym but are not yet paying members. 

We offer 3 ways to capture a leads' information:

  1. Manually create a lead profile (peep the steps ⬇️) 
  2. Embed the lead contact form on your website
  3. Subscribe to an SMS keyword (US/Promote customers)

Admins, Managers, and Coaches have the ability to create new leads within Wodify Core.  

To manually create a Lead:

  1. Log in to Wodify Core
  2. Click People > Leads
  3. Click + New Lead


  • Complete the required fields:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Status
  • Click Create or Create & Edit
    • Create will save the lead profile and take you back to the lead list
    • Create & Edit will save the lead profile and take you to the newly created profile to view and make edits




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