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  • Performance Results: Weightlifting
    • Will no longer time out for tenants with a large amount of data
  • Athletes With Memberships on Hold
    • Will now paginate correctly, refreshing the data shown each time the page is changed
  • Athlete Trend
    • Will now accurately reflect each Athlete's current default location
  • Failed Payments
    • Export will now include a "Location" column
    • Export will now reflect the filters you've chosen on the UI
  • Transaction History
    • Date filters will now accurately reflect your tenant's timezone
  • Monthly Revenue
    • Export will now include the "Payment Due" column
    • The summary line will no longer be counted as a record
  • Athlete Referrals
    • The custom date filter will now work properly
    • Export will now reflect the filters you've chosen on the UI


  • Performance history can once again be added for past dates
  • PRs logged after dropping into another gym will now be shown under "My PRs"
  • Performance results that were added after dropping into another gym can now be edited
  • The class name will now be shown for performance results added while dropping into another gym
  • Added "description" column to the export of "My Performance > Metcons"
  • Male trial Leads will no longer have a female default image displayed on the Whiteboard

General Fixes & Enhancements

  • Free trial and other reservations without cost can now be cancelled
  • Payment methods can be deleted and made default from the new Athlete profiles
  • You'll now be notified of unsaved changes when navigating away from an Athlete or Lead profile
  • Mailchimp integration has been fixed
  • Issues signing contracts through the Online Sales Portal have been resolved
  • Coaches, who do not have permission to create classes or recurring classes, will no longer see buttons implying they have the ability to do so
  • Fixed a display issue with download icons for attachments on automated emails
  • The "age of majority" can now be configured under Gym > Standards / Formats for non-US tenants
  • Ezidebit tenants can now remove line items from unpaid invoices
  • Users in Canadian tenants will no longer receive inapplicable validation errors when signing waivers
  • The expiration date of inactive session memberships and stop date of inactive memberships, can longer be modified, as changes to them would have no impact


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