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NEW! Social Insights

  • Get to know your clients before they ever walk into your gym! Our newest feature will search publically available data to upload their image and links to their social profiles so you can more easily foster your community. More information means more interaction. Click here for more details on Social Insights.
  • To disable this feature for a client, simply remove their profile image, and we will never automatically upload one again.

WODs & Leaderboard

  • Comments can now be saved on benchmark metcons after performance results have been logged
  • Benchmark metcon performances with the "AMRAP - Rounds and Rep" measure will now be ranked properly on the Leaderboard
  • Metcons with a measure of "Each Round" can now be deleted after class sign-ins have occurred, so long as no performance results were logged


  • Adding a hold to a membership with a multi-month commitment will no longer cause invoice dates to be changed incorrectly
  • Trying to add a new payment method when signing a contract will no longer display a blank page
  • Date pickers when adding/editing a membership on Android will now be displayed correctly
  • Membership templates that bill on a weekly basis will now include tax when displaying the auto-renew amount when using the Quick Add option
  • Deselecting a payment plan when adding a membership with the Quick Add option will no longer throw an error

Athletes & Leads

  • Tabbing through the Athlete & Lead creation modals (as well as the Lead conversion modal) will now follow a more intuitive order of inputs
  • Athletes without the permission to like and comment on the Whiteboard will now be able to view their notifications on the mobile Athlete app or
  • Athlete status changes will be logged with your tenant's timezone setting rather than the server timezone
  • The default Athlete status you've configured will once again be applied to Leads after they have been converted

General Fixes & Enhancements

  • The Recurring Class, Lead, and component lists can once again be filtered by tag
  • Permalinks to payment plans on the Online Sales Portal can now be copied on mobile
  • When a location is deactivated and all product inventory at that location is removed, and this will be reflected on the Product list
  • A link set up our now-defunct Facebook integration has been removed from the Athlete Welcome Email. 
    • Note: To see this change in your environment, you must reset the email template.
  • Fixed issues with adding tags on iOS
  • The date picker will now work properly on your public calendar


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