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How can I keep track of my Athlete referrals?


There are several options Wodify provides to help you track referrals to your gym. The following sections will walk you through the different ways referrals can be documented for your Lead and Athlete profiles.  

Documenting Referrals for Leads

When first gathering information from an athlete to create a Lead profile you will want to make sure you are entering information into the ‘Other Information’ section of the created Lead Profile.  

Tracking Referrals for Leads

This record of which athletes referred your Lead prospects, designated by the ‘Referred By’ field, can now be tracked in the ‘Leads With Referrals’ report by heading to Wodify Admin > Reporting > Athletes.  This report will show you:

  • The Lead’s name
  • If they were or not they were referred from an internet source
  • The referring member of your gym
  • When the Lead attended class
  • Whether the Lead was converted to an Athlete account or not

Note: The results of this report can be filtered by those Leads who have not yet attended a Trial Class - the report will not display this by default.  To show those referred Leads who have not attended a trial class just be sure to ‘check’ the box next to ‘Include No Attendance’.  


Tracking Referrals for Athletes

Once the Lead profile has been converted to an Athlete profile, a record of the referred Athlete account will now appear in your Wodify ‘Referrals Report’ found by going to Wodify Admin > Reporting > Athletes.  

Documenting Referrals for Athlete Accounts

Once you click into the Athlete’s profile, any referral information can be found in the ‘Other Information’ section under the ‘Profile’ tab of the athlete’s profile page.  Another option for maintaining athlete relationships in the gym would be under the ‘Relationships’ section.  You can enter any friends, family, or co-workers this particular athlete may have a relationship outside of the gym.  



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