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What are social insights?


Social Insights allow you to learn more about athletes and leads based on public social network data tied to their email address.

Wodify will now automatically pull the following information, when available, in lead and athlete profiles:

  • Social Media Network Links
  • Social Media Profile Picture


The links and avatar image pulled by Wodify are based on public social media profiles tied to the user's email address

There are two great benefits Social Insights provide to you and your gym:

  1. Your athletes love the social experience created by Wodify, but some people don’t take the time to upload a picture. This will help to automatically foster that community environment. More images = more interaction!
  2. Now you can learn a bit about your new clients before even speaking to them. Know what they look like before they even come in the gym, and maybe some things they’re interested in.


Frequently Asked Questions - Social Insights

  • What if my athlete doesn't want their automatically uploaded profile picture used?
    In rare cases a particular athlete may not want a picture to be automatically uploaded, even though it’s already a public image. In this case you, or they, can delete the image by clicking 'remove' next to the profile picture from their account or from Wodify Admin:
    Once an automatically uploaded image is deleted Wodify will no longer automatically populate images for that person. 

  • What if my athlete already uploaded a profile picture?
    If an athlete or admin  has already added a profile image to a profile, Wodify will not replace this image
  • My athlete's social media links are associated with another email address. How do I edit the links or add them in manually?
    To make any changes to an athlete's social media links in their profile, click the pencil icon at the top or the profile to the right of the links:



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