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Athletes & Leads

  • Profile images will once again be transferred with Athletes
  • Deactivating Athletes via import will now perform the same validations for individual deactivations
  • The 'Free Trial Follow-up: Attended' automated email will once again be sent to Leads
  • Athlete location changes will now be logged in their Activity History
  • Disabled the 'Send Email' action for users without a valid email address
  • When converting a Lead, their emergency contact info will now be associated with the resulting Athlete
  • The Coachboard and Whiteboard will now reflect a user's current gender, rather than their gender when signing into the Coachboard
  • Tags and note tabs will now be collapsed by default on Athlete and Lead profiles on mobile, and alert tabs will be collapsed if there are no alerts


  • Projected AR will now be calculated accurately for memberships renewing weekly/fortnightly on the Accounts Receivable By Month Dashboard
  • Membership setup fees will now be included on the Revenue by Membership report
  • The Performance Results: Weightlifting report will now reflect all filters and/or searches when exported
  • The export of the Athletes with Upcoming Birthdays report will now include the 'Age' and 'Member Since' columns shown on the UI


  • Added help text when adding a hold to a membership to clarify how the hold start date will impact Athlete billing
  • Memberships that were set to stop auto-renew will now reflect the stop date on the Membership Edit page and Athlete profile
  • On the pricing screen when editing a membership template, currency symbols with a length greater than one character will no longer overlap the cost


  • The 'Add Credit Card' button will now function properly in Paysafe tenants
  • All updates to invoices will now be reflected in its 'Updated' field
  • Athletes can now view their invoice status details by hovering over the magnifying glass icon


  • Rx+ can now be enabled on benchmark metcons regardless of where the metcon is created
  • The Gymnastics Component List will no longer display an incorrect measure of 'Weight' for all records

General Fixes

  • Larger tenants will no longer experience page or browser crashes when editing waiver templates
  • All columns have been restored to exports of the Class List
  • After successfully resetting your password on the Online Sales Portal, the feedback message will be displayed on a green banner rather than red
  • Improved all modals by eliminating some "ghost" pixels, properly resizing input labels after device rotation on mobile, and removing the ability to scroll the page under the modal while it is open


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