Athletes & Leads

  • Added a bootstrapped 'Open' tab to the Leads list, showing all Leads with a status other than Converted, Disqualified, or Deleted.
  • Athletes transferred to other tenants will no longer carry over their 'balance due' at the previous tenant, if applicable.
  • Special (non-alphabetical or numerical) characters in Athlete names will no longer prevent them from being created, and special characters can now be saved in edits to Athlete names.
  • Athletes deactivated via the import feature will no longer lose their Athlete role, preventing them from being reactivated. All Athletes affected by this issue have been corrected.


  • Credit card details can once again be entered manually from within modals on mobile.
  • When adding line items to invoice, the quantity will be set to 1 by default rather than 0 for your convenience.
  • Lower screen resolutions will no longer cause display issues due to text-wrapping in the 'Add Payment Method' modal.


  • Drop-Ins will now always be signed into the class they had reserved.
  • Males dropping in from another tenant will no longer appear as female on the Coachboard.

General Fixes

  • Birthday automated emails will no longer be sent out if you've deactivated the template in your environment.
  • Warnings about editing a membership that ends in the past will no longer be displayed on inactive memberships, as they are in read-only mode.
  • The inputs in the 'Purchase Store Credit' modal on Athlete profiles will now be cleared out after closing the modal, without the need for a page reload.
  • Optimized the social experience on the Whiteboard for better performance in larger tenants
  • Corrected character counting of newlines in SMS auto-responses.
  • Navigating to app.wodify.com when you are already logged in will no longer redirect you to the login page.

Note: In our next release, we will be providing the ability to disable profile images from automatically being uploaded and social profile links from being saved for your Athletes and Leads.