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NEW! WOD Images

  • Add images to your WODs from within the WOD Builder! 
  • These images will be displayed with your WOD on the Kiosk, as well as published to WordPress and pulled by the WODs API, if configured.

NEW! Billing Email CC

  • An additional email address can now be added to athlete profiles. This address will be CC'd on all financial-related emails and does not need to be unique across all accounts.

NEW! Social Insights - Update

  • On all Athlete and Lead profiles, you'll notice a new tab called "Social Insights". Here, you can run a search at the click of a button to uncover your members' interests based on their interactions on social media. Create natural ice breakers and get to know your members better!
  • This new feature is opt-in only. If you'd prefer not to take advantage of its capabilities, there is no action required - we will only search for your members' interests if you specifically request we do so on this tab.
  • We've also released options to fully disable the automatic upload of profile images and saving of social media links for Athletes and/or Leads. Find them under People > Settings.

Classes & Memberships

  • Class reservations will no longer count as sessions towards session memberships
  • Waitlist emails will no longer be sent to Athletes after the class's reservation window has closed
  • After a class's reservation window has closed, a useful message will be displayed reflecting that to Athletes trying to reserve their spot
  • When making scheduling modifications to recurring classes, you'll once again be warned and required to acknowledge that future instances of this class with coach clock-ins or Athlete sign-ins or reservations will be duplicated rather than updated and marked with a warning
  • The Renewal Options section will no longer be displayed on memberships that were customized from the membership template to disable auto-renew
  • Renewal payment amounts for memberships billing on a weekly (or biweekly, etc.) basis will now be displayed correctly
  • Holds applied to long-term membership commitments will no longer adjust invoice due dates incorrectly
  • When signing in a drop-in on the Coachboard while other reservations exist for the same day, you'll no longer to be prompted to sign in users not reserved for the class selected
  • Your Online Sales Portal configuration will now include permalinks to your Free Trial and Drop-In sessions per location
  • Locations with no membership plans and/or session memberships available will no longer be displayed as options on the applicable pages of your Online Sales Portal
  • When signing a waiver on the Online Sales Portal, the existing athlete discount for drop-ins will be displayed properly when applicable

WODs & Performance

  • The WOD List will now include a 'Program' column
  • Exports of all Performance Lists will now include all columns displayed on the UI, and be named properly
  • Additionally, the filtering options on these lists will now work as expected
  • When logging an AMRAP workout if the rep count is more than 2 digits the Whiteboard will now sort and rank athletes correctly 
  • All component lists (Metcons, Weightlifting, etc.) can now be sorted by the 'Days Since Last Used' and 'Date Last Used' columns
  • Before performance results have been logged for them, the Rx+ option can be toggled on benchmark metcons from both within a WOD and through the component list
  • Athletes attending open gym can now log the current day’s WOD using the ‘Add Performance’ option
  • The WODs API will now pull announcements that have been set to publish externally
  • The dates you've selected on the WOD Calendar will be preserved after modifying the program or location filters
  • Affiliate components merged into global components will no longer appear anywhere within the application
  • Particular characters in program names will no longer cause strange behavior on the WOD Calendar


  • The names of line items will no longer be truncated on invoices
  • Check numbers will now be displayed when hovering over the magnifying glass of invoices paid by check on both the Admin and Athlete sides
  • When updating the Products tax rate, you'll now be asked if you'd like to apply that change to your unpaid invoices
  • Updates to the Services tax rate will now propagate that rate to your unpaid invoices as expected if you choose to do so
  • After adding the first line item to an invoice on mobile, you'll have the option to pay the invoice without first reloading the page
  • Membership invoices that do not include a setup fee will no longer include the verbiage ‘inc setup fee’ if they include more than one line item
  • Currency symbols longer than one character will no longer cause display issues when configuring pricing for membership payment plans
  • The sort options for your list of payment processor configurations will now work as expected

Athletes & Leads

  • NEW! Athlete statuses, default programs, and default locations can now be changed in bulk
  • Inactive Athlete profiles can once again be updated
  • The Attendance tab of Lead profiles can now be sorted by the ‘Class Date’ column 
  • The Lead List can once again be filtered by ‘No Activity in Past Week’
  • Optimized Athlete profiles to load faster for larger tenants
  • Fixed an issue related to corrupt profile images that prevented you from saving an Athlete or Lead
  • When a Lead's 'Last Contact' date is automatically updated, it will now reflect the timezone configured in your environment
  • When an Athlete is transferred to a new tenant, their 'Member Since' date will now be updated to the date of transfer
  • Fixed an issue related to attribute selection when generating a new Lead Form that allowed attributes to be marked as 'mandatory' but not 'selected'
  • Social profile links on Athlete and Lead profiles will no longer redirect within Wodify when the URL protocol is omitted 


  • NEW! We've added an 'Athletes With Upcoming Anniversaries Report' so you can track how long your Athletes have been members of your gym.
  • Refunds will now be shown properly as negative income on the 'Daily Cash' report 
  • The ‘No-Show’ report will now display free trial no-shows as such and no longer refer to trials as drop-ins 
  • The ‘Athletes with Session Memberships’ report will now correctly reflects sessions configured to have already been used when adding the membership
  • The ‘All Invoices’ report can now be sorted by all columns, and its export will now include a 'Payment Due' column
  • The custom date filter on the 'Athlete Trend' report will now work as expected
  • Exporting the ‘Value of Each Athlete’ report will now include the current month 
  • The export of the 'Athletes With Expiring Memberships' report will now include all columns displayed on the UI
  • Asynchronous exports (via email) of all Performance reports will now include the 'Date' column


  • NEW! The Missing and Signed Waivers Lists will now provide 'All' tabs by default, aggregating waivers belonging to Athletes, Leads, and Drop-Ins
  • Sending missing waivers in bulk will now do so for all users selected, rather than only the first ten
  • Modifications to waiver email templates will now be reflected as soon as the email is sent, rather than only to waivers assigned after the edit was saved
  • When choosing to have all Athletes who've signed a waiver do so again after it has been updated, inactive Athletes will not be included
  • Emails will now be validated on waivers

Online Sales Portal

  • NEW! Your OSP configuration will now include permalinks to your Free Trial and Drop-In sessions per location
  • Locations with no membership plans and/or session memberships available will no longer be displayed as options on the applicable pages of your OSP
  • When signing a waiver on the OSP, the existing athlete discount for drop-ins will be displayed properly when applicable
  • OSP URLs including hyphens will now work properly regardless of how they're accessed
  • When checking out on the OSP, the current year will now be the default credit card expiration year

General Fixes

  • Moving forward, contracts that become outdated or belong to inactive Athletes will be able to be retrieved with valid data. If you encounter an existing contract of this sort with invalid data, please reach out to so we can retrieve it for you.
  • Optimized our process for sending mass emails so that time-sensitive content will reliably and quickly reach its recipients
  • Wodifind will once again display gyms within range of your current location
  • Additionally, Wodifind will display locations in countries that do not require a zip or postal code
  • The POS will no longer freeze and display a rainbow screen when clicking ‘Go’ on an iOS after entering quantity 
  • Toggling product availability at a location will no longer cause its variants to be duplicated
  • As Shopify limits products to 100 variants each, products with over 100 variants may no longer be connected
  • Fixed a display issue with the tertiary navigation shown on the Processed Payroll screen on mobile
  • When clicking back into a bootstrapped tab after searching a filter tab list screen, you'll no longer be pushed into the first bootstrapped tab upon clicking into the search bar again
  • The count of bulk-selected records will now longer behave strangely before a tab has fully loaded


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