How Do I Customize My Kiosk Colors?


The following article details how to alter the colors of your Wodify kiosk to create an athlete experience that matches your branding.


In Wodify admin:

  1. Go to Gym > Info & Locations
  2. Click on the location that you'd like to edit the kiosk for
  3. Click 'Edit' in the Kiosk Customization section
  4. First choose a 'Base Theme' either classic, dark or light (classic cannot be edited)
  5. If you choose the dark or light base theme you can then click 'Load Color' - this will load colors based off of the application logo uploaded for this location.
  6. You can then change any of the 2 selected accent colors to exactly match your branding, or stick with the palettes we've provided. 
  7. Click 'SAVE'


Tip! To pull exact colors from your website use a web color dropper like ColorZilla


You can see a preview of what the coachboard will look like as you edit the colors.


Important! The following pages are updated with the color changes:

  • Coachboard
  • WOD
  • WOD in full screen
  • Whiteboard (including embeddable public version)
  • Associated pop-up windows on these screens (drop in portal, social interaction, etc.)


These changes are reflected on desktop view only and will only be displayed when the logged in user is a coach, manager or admin.


Tip! Make sure you view all affected pages (coachboard, WOD, WOD in full screen, whiteboard) to make sure you're happy with your custom theme.