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NEW! Modify Your Wodify

  • You can customize your Kiosk!
  • Kiosk customization allows you to select from a classic, light or dark theme and incorporate your logo colors into your Kiosk. These changes will apply to the kiosk, coachboard, whiteboard and WOD page.
  • Prefer your kiosk the way it is?  Nothing to fear! We have kept the classic theme as an option and it will remain as your default theme until you make changes.

WODs & Performance

  • Updated tabbing functionality in WOD builder to allow you to easily tab through all components in WOD builder.
  • Optimized the experience on mobile when uploading WOD images to prevent the need scroll to cancel or save.
  • When viewing WODs in full screen, WOD image components have been named on the list on the side panel.
  • Enhanced the WOD preview so that images will display when you hover over the magnifying glass. 
  • Updated the WOD List export to include all metcon details for each WOD.
  • Added WOD images to the previews shown on the WOD list, calendar and builder.

Athletes & Leads

  • New! Bulk deactivate and reactivate actions on athlete list.
  • Added default program filter on Athlete list.
  • Basic Athlete and Lead details can now be edited inline.
  • Lead profile images are now viewable on the Missing Lead Waivers List.
  • When creating Leads, the State or Province and Country will auto populate according to gym address.
  • Drop-Ins can be converted to Leads in bulk from the 'Signed Drop-In Waiver List'.
  • Resolved an issue for Chrome on OS X causing the class list to freeze when a reservation pop-up opened.


  • The 'Class Attendance Summary' report has been updated to include additional filtering options for ‘Month to date’, Year to Date’, ‘Week to Date’, ‘Quarter to Date’.
  • Corrected the 'Failed Payment Report' count and summary to group individual invoices in the summary line so that the summary is not falsely inflated due to multiple failed attempts to pay that invoice.
  • Updated the graph displayed in ‘Athlete No Shows’ report to correctly reflect the reported data.
  • The ‘Memberships with Discounts’ report has been updated to only report on active discounts at the time the report is being viewed. 

General Fixes

  • Athlete Billing CCs will now be included on emailed receipts from the POS. 
  • On the POS emailed invoices for receipts with no cost can now be sent without an error.
  • Missing waivers sent in bulk will now be sent to all selected users.

Note: In order to improve network security, we have made a change to our infrastructure. If you experience any issues, please refer to this help article to ensure you are using a compatible browser or mobile operating system.





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