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GoEmerchant Sign Up Process


Step 1: Contact GoEmerchant

  1. Contact GoEmerchant and provide your contact information
  2. Tell them you are a new Wodify box
  3. Please let them know which accounts you are applying for, ACH, Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover), or American Express.

Via Phone

  • Call 888-638-7867 ask for sales and always mention that you are a CrossFit Affiliate.
  • Office hours for calling: Mon - Friday 9am – 7pm EST.
  • Between 7pm and 9-pm EST press 1 for sales and you will be re-directed to a sales rep’s mobile phone.

Via Email

Step 2: Fill out an Online Application

  1. Submit an Application (Mandatory) for Member Management. APPLY HERE (choose Phone Order)
  2. Submit an Application (Optional) for ACH Payments. Note: This is a paper application.
  3. Receive an email from GoEmerchant requesting supporting documentation.
  4. Respond to the GoEmerchant email and provide the following:
    • Copy of your Drivers License
    • Voided Check
    • If you apply for a large monthly transaction limit, you may be asked to provide three (3) months of banking statements to support your credit approval.

Step 3: Setup your Virtual Terminal

  1. Login to GoEmerchant
  2. Enter your Transaction Center ID, Username and Temporary Password
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions from GoE
  4. Set up your 3 Security Questions
  5. Reset your Password (be sure to save this password for the future)


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