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NEW! Hot Keys In WOD Builder

  • There are now shortcut keys that can be used to quickly select components within WOD builder. 
  • This feature has been optimized for Chrome and will be enhanced for other supported browsers next week. 

WODs & Performance

  • When logging results for Weightlifting totals or custom metcons you will now be able to view the text when using a light theme.
  • Athletes will now see the PR ribbon for gymnastics movements under 'My Performance'.
  • Adjusted the color of the PR icon, waiver icons and RX/RX+ icons to reflect the colors that were shown prior to kiosk customization. 
  • Hovering over a PR on the Coachboard will once again show you the PR history for the associated movement.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing the Whiteboard from being viewed for 'All' locations. 
  • Resized the PR badge to prevent it from overlapping other features on the Whiteboard.
  • Adjusted the icons on the Whiteboard to reflect the new male and female athlete icons as well as your customized kiosk colors.

Classes & Memberships

  • A new class calendar view is now available. For now the calendar is only a beta version, keep an eye out for even more features coming in the next few weeks.
  • Saving an existing session or limited membership will no longer unexpectedly increase the count of used sessions. 


  • Invoices for Athletes in New Zealand have been updated to include GST information.  This will ensure you are meeting regulatory requirements for GST invoices.  GST can be configured in gateway configurations under Financial > Settings. 
  • Tenants with separate merchant gateways for their locations will now have billing results emails broken out by location. 
  • Invoices for long-term membership commitments without setup fees will no longer include set up fee verbiage to prevent any confusion when viewing invoices.

Athletes & Leads

  • The Athlete List can successfully be filtered on ‘Member Since’ date. 
  • Athletes who were previously suspended and deactivated will now be able to be reinstated as expected. 


  • The ‘Coaches and Classes’ report has been updated to properly reflect all classes that coaches clocked in and taught. If a class is cancelled or a coach cancels their sign-in, the report will be updated accordingly.
  • Athletes with expired holds will no longer appear as 'On-Hold' in the ‘Athletes Last Attendance’ report. 
  • The 'Athletes Without Memberships' report can now be sorted by 'Last Membership Expiration’. 
  • The 'Value of Each Athlete' report will now include enhanced invoice filtering options to allow you to tie out your revenue with other financial reports.


  • We've released updated versions of all of our apps (Athlete, Admin, and POS) for iOS and Android.
  • Profile image uploads have been fixed in the Athlete app, and messages that the app may slow down your iPhone will no longer appear, as we have resolved that underlying issue.
  • A crashing issue specific to the Android version of the Admin app has been resolved.
  • Across the board, improvements have been made to resolve crashing and performance issues.

General Fixes

  • On light themed Kiosks, waiver terms and questions are now more visible. 
  • Inventory exports have been updated to include a column for ‘Product Type’. 
  • In Point of Sale, no charge invoices can once again be assigned to athletes to allow you to properly track athlete purchases. 
  • Restored the Point of Sale athlete search functionality to allow invoices to be easily assigned to any athlete within your gym.
  • When enabled, the ‘Membership Expiring- Sessions’ email will properly be sent to athletes with one session remaining. 
  • Resolved an issue causing some active waiver templates not to appear in Documents > Waivers. 
  • The ‘Powered by Wodify’ logo will not be cut off regardless of the size of the your location’s logo. 



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