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How do I merge my active Wodify accounts?


We have many Wodify Athletes who are members at multiple gyms at the same time, so when you sign up for a new gym, our system will allow you to merge your accounts seamlessly!

NOTE: When signing up at your new gym, make sure to use the exact same email address you are currently using at your old gym to ensure that all performance history transfers!


This will create you as an Athlete at your new gym, and you will be sent a Welcome Email that has a "To complete your registration for Wodify visit the following link:" section.

🌟   Make sure you click into this link to activate your profile at your new gym BEFORE selecting Login from the email.  Many users attempt to log-in before activating their profile which will pop up with only their previous account instead of the new gym.

Once you have clicked into this link, you will be prompted to previous accounts with this new account and have your performance data available from previous gyms!!


NOTE: Make sure to mark the correct gym as DEFAULT or you will pull up a previous account first when logging into or the Wodify Mobile Apps.

Once you have completed the above steps, and reset your password your accounts will have been merged, and you will be able to switch between the accounts seamlessly! 🎉


Tips & Tricks

  • Account merging replaces athlete transfers.
  • Multiple accounts within the same gym cannot be merged.
  • Merging accounts that do not belong to you will cause your personal information and performance history to become inaccurate.  


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