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How do I use the WOD builder hot keys?


Our ‘WOD Builder Hot Key’ feature makes programming workouts in Wodify even faster. Our goal is to eliminate the need for endless clicking and scrolling to save you time and headache while entering even the most robust of workouts.


Here's how the hot keys work:

Rather that clicking on each Section, Component, or Custom Component and scrolling through the list - each respective hot key will automatically jump to that list where you can type-to-search your desired movement/type. For images, the hot key will automatically input the image-editor.


For example:

To add a ‘Back Squat’ component, you would type.. 

C-key > 'Back' > Enter-key to add

The component list will automatically sort to all movements with that keyword. You can then use the arrow keys and ‘Enter’ to add the highlighted component.

Tip: While building out your component (in this case Back Squat), you can hit Tab to move between each field (Shift + Tab to get backwards), Enter when the [+ Comment] box is highlighted to open the box, and Shift + Enter to Save and close the component editor.


Tip: As a best practice, each unique Component type in your workout (ie all warm-ups, weightlifting movements, and metcons) should be preceded by the matching Section to add structure to the display. Comments and Prefixes allow you to further organize your workout. Refer to our WOD building help article for general best practices.

Note: In order to optimize hot keys for Safari and Firefox on your Apple computer you will need to update your keyboard preferences.  Update these settings on your computer by going to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts, under "Full Keyboard Access" select "All controls".



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