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New! Bulk Class Cancellation

  • Just in time for holiday schedule changes, you can now cancel classes in bulk!
  • To cancel more than one class at a time go to the class list and filter based on what you would like to cancel. Once data has been filtered, use the checkbox to select your desired classes and then select ‘Bulk Actions’ and ‘Cancel Classes’.

New! Account Merging

  • You can now manage your presence at multiple Wodify gyms with a single login!
  • Already have multiple Wodify accounts? To merge your accounts check out our help article.
  • To accommodate these changes, we have made updates to the login process and will be moving to an email login in place of usernames. If your email is currently being used more than once in a single gym, refer to our help article for more information about creating email aliases.
  • Athlete transfers are no longer supported, learn more here.
  • We will now require unique email addresses for Wodify accounts.

WODs & Performance

  • Updated the Whiteboard ranking for max rep weightlifting movements to appropriately ranked based on weight X reps.
  • The iOS keyboard will no longer change unexpectedly when adding results for weight movements.
  • Selecting a weightlifting total in ‘My Performance’ will no longer display an error.

Athletes & Leads

  • Athlete and lead names, as well as athlete’s member since date, are now editable in the basic details section of their profiles.
  • The Lead List will once again be filterable by the ‘Has Note’ field.

 General Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that was preventing users with comma delimiters in their currency from viewing the ‘Memberships with Discounts’ report.
  • The athlete mass email will now work as expected when emailing inactive athletes.
  • Permalinks for memberships in your online sales portal have been updated so that they are now easier to copy and use on mobile.
  • Unauthenticated users going directly to the Point of Sale web address will now be directed to the appropriate login screen.


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