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Getting Started with Appointment Scheduling


This help article is for users of our legacy Appointments feature. If you are currently using Appointments 3.0 please reference How do I create an Appointment 3.0 Service? 


Ready to start offering personal training or other one-on-one services at your gym?  

We are here to help! Wodify's new appointment scheduling feature will give you the benefit of easily creating services and schedule appointments, all in one place! Plus, your athletes will be able to book appointments on their own on the Athlete app. Easy.

To sum it up, this new feature will allow you to:

  • Edit your personal training options, such as duration, no show and late cancellation penalties, and attendance limits for your appointments
  • Add locations and providers to services, each with their own recurring availability schedule
  • Create appointment session memberships
  • Assign waivers to any services you may offer, and assign contracts to any appointment-specific membership templates you create
  • Book one-on-one or semi-private appointments from the appointment calendar
  • Book one-on-one appointments on the Athlete App

Setting up your Services:

Before you're ready to get started using this new feature at your gym, to keep your appointment configurations as smooth as possible, we recommend going through the following help articles in the order they are listed below. We suggest setting up your global bookings settings and your appointment email templates prior to moving onto the next steps. Let's get started!

Once you have completed the steps above, you are ready to create your service offerings!  Refer to the help articles for more information as you configure the services for your gym.

  1. Configuring a service
  2. Setting up provider and location availability
  3. Pricing and memberships
  4. Navigating the appointment calendar
  5. Scheduling appointments on the athlete app
  6. Using your kiosk appointment widget


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