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How do I make an appointment from the app?


This help article is for users of our legacy Appointments feature. If you are currently using Appointments 3.0 please reference How can athletes book an appointment?

Booking appointments has never been easier. Once you have purchased a membership through your gym that is tied to a service, you can easily schedule appointments right from your phone. The appointments offered will show up clearly within the athlete app, indicating what services are offered on what particular day.

Once you click on the day you'd like to schedule your appointment, you can proceed to choose the affiliated provider that is linked to that service, and select the time block that suites you best.

Schedule an appointment:


  1. Log into the Wodify Mobile App 
  2. In the menu, click 'My Appointments'
  3. Scroll to the desired service you would like to book
  4. Click 'Book'
  5. Select the desired location and provider
    If you have no preference for provider, select 'Any Provider'
  6. Select a day on the calendar with available appointments (shown in white)
  7. All available appointments on the selected day will display
  8. Choose your desired appointment time, click 'Book'
  9. Review the appointment preview to confirm the appointment details
  10. Click 'Confirm' - You will be sent an email with all appointment details


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