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How do I define location and provider recurring availability?


This help article is for users of our legacy Appointments feature. If you are currently using Appointments 3.0 please reference How do I set a provider's availability with Appointments 3.0

Now that you have configured your service, as next steps, you're ready to define the location that this service will be offered, as well as the provider of the service. Or, in simpler terms, the coach. Entering this information brings you one step closer to successfully integrating your services at your gym, and pretty soon, your athletes will be able to book their own appointments!


Location & Provider Availability:

Check out this video below before defining your Locations & Providers within your services!

Configuring location and provider availability for a service:

  1. Go to Appointments > Services
  2. Select the service you would like to update
  3. Select the location/s where the service will be available
  4. Click 'Set Locations'
  5. Click 'Add Provider'
  6. Type in the provider's name, select the name when it appears in the dropdown.
  7. Click on the provider's name in the list on the right, this will display the calendar for recurring availability
  8. On the Recurring Availability calendar enter the availability effective date, this will be the date that this provider's recurring availability begins the end date should be left blank.
  9. Click and drag on the calendar to add availability. Repeat as needed for each day of the week.
  10. Repeat steps 3-7 for all providers that need to be added to this service.

Note: The recurring availability calendar can be used to set the availability that will occur every week for your providers.  These times will be available for athletes to easily schedule appointments for the designated service. When there are one-time exceptions to the availability we recommend using the appointment calendar. If the provider is configured to coach a class, regardless of location and position, Wodify will block that time slot to accommodate the scheduled class.

Next, you will add pricing and membership templates for your service.


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