How do I set up pricing and memberships for my services?



This help article is for users of our legacy Appointments feature. If you are currently using Appointments 3.0 please reference How do I create an Appointment 3.0 Service?


Once you have determined the initial settings for your service with the applicable locations and providers, you will want to define the pricing of your service, and what memberships you offer with it. For example, if you offer a specific rate for 1 Personal Training Service of $25 per session, this is the time to tie it all together!

Appointment Membership Templates

We currently offer session based memberships for our services. These are agreements between the gym and the client for a certain number of sessions over a certain period of time.  

To create an Appointment Membership template:

  1. From within a service: Click 'Add Membership Template' > 'New 'from the pricing section
    From the login page: Go to Wodify Admin > 'Appointments' > 'Pricing'
  2. Click 'New Template' 
  3. Enter your appointment membership details:

    • Name: Text field to enter the name of your plan. Choose a name that you can quickly identify like 10 Class Punch Card.
    • Service: Select the applicable service from the drop-down.
    • Number of Sessions: Total number of visits allowed for this membership
    • Expiration: Optionally choose when the Sessions expire.
    • Revenue Category: Picklist field. Revenue Category values are customized by the gym.
    • Brief Description: Text entered here will display on your online sales portal.
  4. Create your Payment Plan. Click 'Edit' then 'New Payment Plan' to create a Payment Plan:
    • Name of payment plan: Text field to enter the name of your payment plan like Paid In Full, One Time Fee. Please note: Phase 1 of personal services will only include one-time fee options. 
    • Location(s): Each active location that offers the service is displayed. Choose which locations the Payment Plan is available. Choose the tax rate applied at your chosen locations.
      • If you do not currently apply tax it is best practice to keep the tax rate for 'Services' (0%) selected so that if you do update your tax rate in the future the membership plan template will update automatically as well.
    • Setup Fee: Enter the price for the setup fee
    • Membership Fee: Choose the price of this membership.
    • Online Sales: Each active location that offers the service is displayed. Choose which locations will have the payment plan available on the online sales portal.
    • Once all payment plans details have been completed, click 'Save & Close'
  5. If you would like to assign a contract to this membership template, you can do so within the membership template by selecting 'Edit' next to contract template. This will expand the contract section and allow you to add an existing contract or add a new one.  Follow the steps here to set up your contracts. 
  6. Confirm all membership template details are correct and click 'Save' 

The Appointment Membership Template is now complete! This membership can be added to any active Athlete in Wodify through the athlete profile or through the appointment calendar. It is important to remember that this is a TEMPLATE; when you add the membership to an Athlete, you can edit most of the options in your plan to fit your agreement with the Athlete.

Note: Appointment payment plans will all function as one-time charges.  Auto renew is not currently available for appointment memberships. 

Now that you've set up your pricing and memberships for your services, you're ready to start scheduling appointments! Check out this article for information on using your calendar, and scheduling your appointments within Wodify!