Wodify Pulse FAQs



What happens if my Intel Stick does not fit into the HDMI port?

  • Use the extender.


I cannot get the Myzone screen to display, what next?

  • Ensure you are using the HDMI port associated with where the stick is physically plugged into.


Why won't the wireless keyboard work?

  • Ensure this device is fully charged.



When registering a belt through the Admin Screen, where do I add a device?

  • Pulse > Add Device

Why does the system ask for Weight and Height?

  • Biometric data ensures that your belt is displaying accurate data points.

How does a client set up a Myzone account?

  • When a client registers a brand new Myzone Belt through Wodify Pulse, they will be prompted to create a Myzone password.  With this information, they can then download the Myzone app and log in.


What do the tiles and icons mean?


What do the different Zones mean?


How do I clean my belt?

  • Wash the elastic portion of the belt with mild soap and water. Do not submerge the module or sensors.

Why won't my belt work?

  • Sometimes when the sensors are cold it may not pick up data.  Start your warm-up and see if this takes care of the issue.
  • Be sure to add some moisture to the sensors located on the reverse side of your MZ-3 or MZ-1 belt: IMG_0055_2_JPG.png


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